Extreme RELAXATION For Fighters

Zero light
Zero sound
Zero gravity
Zero Worries
Zero Worries

Ever lay there in zero gravity? Ever been so relaxed that you’ve seen cool things - that aren’t actually there? Or where you’ve been so chill, that problems that have been bugging you for ages, just click into place?

Welcome to being in a float tank.

Zero Sound. Zero Light. Zero Gravity. Just you and all your senses being transported away into a single zone of relaxation like you’ve never ever experienced. We mean it.


Zero Worries

You’ll lay in our specially-made flotatation tank, that has approximately 14 inches of water inside. The 1000kg of Epsom salts in the water, means you lay there in zero gravity - the water actually pushes you up and supports your fighter’s body - with literally no effort on your part.

Water Separator

After 20 minutes? Your brain will slow down.
Around 40 minutes, and your creative brain starts to reach a Theta state.
After 60 minutes, you may experience a relaxation state so deep, that you won’t register our wake up call is happening.
Fighters who have been in The Tank, often tell us it’s like being on the best trip of their life.

Fight champions that have actually floated with us

Water Separator
Water Separator

Sensory deprivation is the ultimate form of extreme relaxation, and we’re Phuket’s best-kept secret for Fighters like you, who want pre- and post-fight calm.

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