A float tank also goes by the name of a sensory deprivation tank or isolation chamber. In short, a float tank is an environment created in which you experience zero light, zero sound and zero gravity. The tank has approximately 10 inches of water inside and is filled with 500kg of magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts). This allows you to float effortlessly with no external input to consider as the salt keeps you extremely buoyant and with the lack of sensory input promotes one hemisphere of your brain to relax and slow down, in turn, enhancing the creative hemisphere of your brain to reach a THETA state. Approximately 80% of the general population have a magnesium deficiency, by floating in the magnesium sulphate, your body slowly absorbs what you need from the magnesium, replenishing your system. 


CLEANLINESS IS KEY! Therefore the tank is kept in an excellent, clean condition with a high quality pump/filtration system and secondary Ultra Violent neutraliser to kill microbes in the water. The water is also filtered for a minimum of 5 cycles in between each float and cleaned daily with non-toxic disinfectants & cleaning agents.