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When floating, we can experience thoughts in a similar way as we might during meditation. Floating also develops the brain in a way that makes meditation easier.

'Easy' mindfulness

Regularly practicing mindfulness can be difficult, but holds many benefits. Floating creates an environment that simply makes mindfulness easier.

A meditative state is brought about more easily due to the relaxation you’ll feel when floating.

By removing external stimuli in a relaxing environment, floating makes it easier to practice different aspects of meditation, including:

  • Interoception: sensing internal processes in the body

  • Attention-regulation: directing our attention somewhere without being distracted

  • Self-regulation: determining our physical response to a stressful environment

So, whether you’re a keen meditator, or struggling to sustain a practice, floating can help you develop your awareness, sustain your attention, and respond to situations with more choice.

meditation & mindfulness

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