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Fitness Paradise

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We're lucky enough to have our business on the tropical paradise island, Phuket in Thailand.


We're based on the now legendary street, Soi Taied a.k.a The Soi, Muay Thai Street, Fighter Street or Fitness Street, as it's known around the world.


If you take your health, training or general well-being seriously, you should know about this place, if you've never been here before, you've never seen anything like this little slice of fitness heaven on a paradise island.


Don't believe me?

Image by Hush Naidoo
Image by Anway Pawar

Soi taied

Soi Taied is a 1.5-kilometer street in the heart of Chalong in South Phuket. The Soi is composed of Muay Thai, MMA, general fitness and big iron gyms with restaurants geared towards healthy food and drinks.


There's a plethora of places to stay, from high end all the way to budget accommodation.


There's a multitude of great restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, pharmacy's, bars, places to rent motorbikes, and every other useful amenities you can think of.

Whether you are at the top of your MMA game, a CrossFit athlete, someone starting a fitness journey, or you are in the middle of a life transition, this place has everything you need.

The Soi is home to more indoor and outdoor fitness training gyms, nutrition supplement stores, healthy-eating bars and restaurants, then anywhere else in the world, all on one incredible street.

Away from all the "tourists", this place is it's own contained "health bubble" all on one street, but you're just a 15-20mins taxi ride away from some of the best beaches in the world like Naiharn Beach, Kata & Karon Beach or the party capital on the island, Patong.

Image by kike vega
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